Geet Jawahar Lal Yadav

Janata Party Preview
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Original Lyrics

fd pqukSok gy/kj lc dS yS chrk
xS;k xbs gkj Vqvj Hkbys cNok

t;izdk'k turk dks txk,
cnyks banhjk dh ljdkj
English Translation

The 'Haldhar Kisan' won the day
The cow and calf lost

Jai Prakash stirred the people from sleep
Asked them to get rid of Indira's rule

Haldhar Kisan- Farmer carrying a plough - the symbol of the Janata party
Cow and Calf- The symbol of the Congress party.


Jawahar Lal belongs to the Yadav community which supported the Janata party strongly when it came to power in 1977, defeating the Congress for the first time in Independent India. This song was written at that time - celebrating the victory of the Janata party, and the defeat of Indira Gandhi amongst the people.
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