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Hindi Translation

Ne ?kwa?k:] xaxksyh gkV e­ ctkuh /kwjk eSSS ckt dkVwaxh
Ne ?kw?k:] xaxksyh gkV e­ ctkuh /kwjk e® ckt dkVqaxh

,s jkes'oj] rSjk ns thtk th
>wyk?kkV] e® vius&vki rS:axh
dqlhZ ugha nawxk duLrj e­ cSBsxh
fpV~Bh ugha nawxk Mkd[kkuk ns[ksxh
Ne ?kwa?k:] xaxksyhgkV e­ ctkuh /kwjk e® ckt dkVqaxh
dqlhZ u gks est e­ cSBsxh
ru[ok ugha nawxk N: eghus ns[ksxh

ckt & igkM+h isM
 (these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at )

The Jija-Sali relationship; the relationship between a man and his wife's sister is shown as a special one in many folk songs. In this song the woman asks her brother-in-law to help her cross the Rameshwar river saying that she would cross the Jhulaghat river herself. Using references of towns and rivers of the region - it establishes the close bond that exists between the Jija and Saali.
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