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Various Artistes

Dialect : Kumaoni
Region : Almora, Haldwani, Nainital, Pithoragarh

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The Kumaon hills are a part of the Himalayan range of mountains in the state of Uttaranchal. The districts of Almora, Nainital, Pithoragarh among others are in this region. The music of the hills is special in that it has a distinct lilt of its own, but more than that, several artistes whose music has been showcased here are very special. Among them, Jhusia Damai, who is by now close to 95 years, is a legend by himself. He sings and dances vigourously while playing a Hudka, the characteristic instrument of the region. Anandi Devi & Santram, a blind couple eke out an existence from singing at a bus-stop near Almora and their voices have some special magic. In fact, each one of the artistes have some unique & special characteristics, completely their own. Check them out!

Song Time Artiste Style Price Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 128 kbps
Bairagi Baja Play MP3
Village: Kanari Chhinna, District: Almora
Lal Singh

N.A $0.69/ Rs.30 7.49mb
Shiv Baja Play MP3
N.A $0.69/ Rs.30 2.75mb
Krishna Baja Play MP3
N.A $0.69/ Rs.30 3.67mb
He Bhagwan Play MP3
Ramaul $2.07/ Rs.90 23.31mb
He Dana Hae Parbhu Play MP3
Jagar $0.69/ Rs.30 9.95mb
Jhumka Lee Jhum Ka La La Play MP3
Jhoda $0.69/ Rs.30 4.14mb
Kholde Mata Play MP3
Jhoda $0.69/ Rs.30 9.25mb
Kholde Mata (Video)
Jhoda $0.99 8.54mb
Magan Maran Saman He Play MP3
Chhapeli $0.69/ Rs.30 4.54mb
Sada Bhavani (Govind Singh) Play MP3
Chhapeli $0.69/ Rs.30 3.40mb
Sada Bhavani (Govind Singh) (Video) 03:58 Chhapeli $1.99 19.4mb
Basuli Ka Bana (Govind Singh) Play MP3
Chhapeli $0.69/ Rs.30 3.83mb
Titariko Tara (Govind Singh) Play MP3
Chhapeli $0.69/ Rs.30 3.91mb
Hai Hai Supari (Govind Singh) Play MP3
Chhapeli $0.69/ Rs.30 1.80mb
Katinya Katinya (Govind Singh) Play MP3
Hudkiya Baul $0.69/ Rs.30 6.50mb
Shayam Paltan Play MP3
Jhoda $0.69/ Rs.30 1.44mb
Sada Bhavani Dahini Play MP3
Bair $1.38/ Rs.60 12.91mb
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