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A mela is a fair, though fairs in the Indian countryside are not all fun and frolic; usually there is a religious element to them, the pivot around which everything else revolves.
The fair at Chaksu in Rajasthan where we met several groups of girls is the location of these recordings.
A high seated white temple; to get to which one has to climb hundreds of stairs cut into a hill, sorrounded by a hot yellow desert. An idyllic setting for the hundreds of camels and painted lorries on which stood scores of young girls dressed in shocking pink, flaming orange or bright yellow; singing, giggling and having a lot of fun, making fun of us in a language we could not quite follow.
There are special tunes in which the women sing songs in such a fair and the way they sing them is unique.
Despite the insults being flung at us with glee, for recording their songs (look at them, clicking photos, they must belong to a very low caste!!), we had our share of glee. Hope you do too.
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Nakli Camero 03:26 Mela song $0.69/ Rs.30
Antar Ki Aave 02:38 Mela song $0.69/ Rs.30
Antar Ki Aave (Video) 02:08 Mela song $1.99
Paani 03:26 Mela song $0.69/ Rs.30
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