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Some of the comments Beat of India has received from its viewers
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Beat of India
Name : Amit Puranik Country : About - Beat of India
Thank you very much for putting together the beautiful website and sharing samples of  the music.

I am  a malwi (from Indore M.P) living in Montana ( city: Bozeman, USA)  - Yes! of all the places we choose to live in Montana. I have been in USA for around two decades and frankly never missed Bollywood and Desi-Pop (so called) music. Amongst the plethora not-so-nice desi music sites, your website was like a breath of  fresh air, erasing the the stink of the garish, pompous and plagiarized "pop" music(?) emanating from India these days.

I also wanted to thank you for not to applying a value judgement (based on commercial viability)  while choosing songs.  I never  imagined that I would ever hear a malwi folk song on the net. Our (malwi) culture, like any less-aggressive cultures, is easily dominated by cultures from neighbouring areas.  So much so that the teenage malwis are almost apologetic for being malwi.

I hope you will be able to make the folk music "cool". .

Name : Rakesh Mohan Singh Country : About - Beat of India
Hamara Bachpan Eastern U.P. me beeta aur mai apne Mata-Pita ka shukragujar hoon kee unhon ne hame jameen se jude rehne ka mauka diya. Beats of India hame bachpan kee yaden aur bachpan kee wo lok bhasha ko yad rakhne aur sunne ka mauka de rahee hai, ham tahe dil se shukragujar hain.

Name : Chandrakant Goudar Country : About - Beat of India
Excellent collections. Efforts to document our culture and to make a viable bussiness.

Name : [email protected] Country : About - Beat of India
Thanks..this is an interesting website..I am happy to support buy buying music since substantial part of the revenues go to the artistes.
I suggest that you also search for artistes in other places like Maharahtra, Gujarat and South India.

Name :Kirsten Rietbergen Country : The Netherlands About -Beat of India
Wonderful website... Now I can finally see all traditional music en rituals of India

Name :Jan De Wever Country : Leuven, Belgium About -  Beat of India
Great! This is what the web is about, and where video on the web helps out: bring new things, unknown as of yet to many of us, to the masses. So we can learn

Name :Ray Ussery Country : USA About - Beat of India
... outstanding web site. I have enjoyed listening to the music and viewing the pictures. Thank you for making it available to us

Name :Satendra Prasad Country : India (USA) About - Beat of India
Thank you for the great folk music on this site. Although I am of Indian decent but was born in the Fiji Islands and currently residing in the US, this particular music is almost identical to my grandfathers generation.

Name : Anuradha Malik Sharma Country : Chicago, USA About - Beat of India
Congratulations! a million times...and thankyou...infinitely...I cannot begin to express what service your web site is doing... i am overjoyed by the songs, visuals and touched by the simplicity of the artists. This is internet put to its true purpose- creative, spiritual, social and business. I cannot wait to hear haryanvi raaginis...

Name : Ashok Rajamani Country : India About - Beat of India
I came to your excellent site after reading an article about it in the Indian Express. It seems like we now have our version of Smithsonian Folkways in India...
Though I cant claim to like every piece of music I heard on the site, just having all this music recorded and on the web is a feat worthy of pride and recognition...

Name : Ram Mukundan Country : About - Beat of India
I can't strongly enough recommend the site < >   ..  a wonderful resource for the folk music of North India.
One can download tracks at 30 rupees a track, or buy CDs and tapes at very reasonable prices.  Become a member and one gets access to three free mp3 tracks...

Name : Ajay Dwivedi Country : UK About - Beat of India
It is my goodness that I came to know about you. I was abit concerned about my country's musical heritage. Now I m much relax that there r some people like u working on it.
Please carry on with your mission.
Blessings of millions people r with u.

Name : Seema Firoz Country : About - Beat of India
I am a great lover of "not so popular but good music". I am glad I managed to become a part of Beat Of India.

Name : Sunil Gupta Country : About - Beat of India
By chance, I happened to get to your site.  I heard the music and was moved to tears.  There is so much that is so good in what you have collected!

Name : Amandeep Singh Gill Country : About - Noora, Beat of India
I have thourghly enjoyed listening to Noora's album, she has a tremendus
voice just like her mother Bibi Nooran.
I am completely satisfied with the purchasing system,
While I have this oppurtunity to write to you guys, I would like to say that you guys are doin a great job for the folk singers of India.

Name : Anand Sahastrabudhe Country : India About - Noora, Beat of India
I m thrilled 2 b a part of 'Beat Of India'. The 3 songs that I downloaded on securing membership were
amazing. The Noora Concert report and pix on ur website was gr8...

Name : Smita Nirula Country : India About -Mehar Chand Mastana
I am very happy to see that Meher Chand has got a place in your archives.  He works with The Company, a Chandigarh-based theatre group run by Neelam Mansingh Choudhry.  I have known them for many years and loved their music!

Name : Dalip Ram Country : Melbourne, Australia About - Colours of Earth (DVD film)
Recently I watched a copy of this DVD. It is of excellent quality.  Very Well done.
I wanted to ask you about the microphones that you used in the recording. The sound quality of the DVD is just too good.

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