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DVD 5,
Running time: 90 mins approx.
All region NTSC/ PAL, Audio: Stereo, Subtitles: English

"Colours of Earth" (DVD film)
Various Artistes

Released : September 2003
Total songs in album : 06
Style : Traditional
Region : North India

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The Album

Sings, the balladeer sings
sings at a pitch so high
that it bursts the drums of all ears
and only those can hear it
who know the taste of jaggery
of coriander, chili and salt
who know the song of the wheel
as it grinds, grinds and grinds
sings, the balladeer sings
he sings the colours of earth

Colours of Earth is a musical voyage to the pulsating rhythms and vibrant melodies of traditional Indian music. From the colourful deserts of Rajasthan to the barren towering mountains of Lahaul and Spiti in the Himalayas. From the banks of the Ganges to the Bengal of Tagore, from the echoes of 90 year old Jhusia Damai's forgotten ballads to the popular bhojpuri tunes of Manoj Tiwari that are on every child's lips, Colours of Earth is a one hour musical film plus bonus tracks of six songs and information about artistes and instruments.

More songs

Song Preview Time Artiste Style Size in mb Complete songs (wmv) 709 kbps
Play Clip Play Video 01:06 Various Artistes   na na Not Available
Bado Badai Re (Video) Bonus Track Play MP3 02:23 Kalu Ram & Party Banna 11.9mb $1.99
Aalha Udal (Video) Bonus Track 06:00 Balla Ram Singh Aalha 30.01mb $2.99
Aalha Udal (Video) Bonus Track 02:23 Balla Ram Singh Aalha 12.0mb $1.99
Raas Rachaye (Video) Bonus Track 05:29 Ram Kailash Yadav Geet 26.9mb $2.99
Ke Tohra Sang Jai (Video) Bonus Track 06:27 Manna Lal Yadav Nirgun 31.4mb $2.99
Baba Nimiya Ke (Video) Bonus Track 04:36 Urmila Srivastava Nirvahi 23.0mb $1.99
Dihe Ke Manavan (Video) Bonus Track Play MP3 04:26 Shyam Lal Begana Devi 27.9mb $1.99
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