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Songs of Dialects
Bhojpuri, Awadhi


Songs......celebrating festivals meandering between rituals creating communities easing toil revealing desires voicing fears mourning death understanding life & reveling in each moment...
List of forms of songs
Ballads & Legends Child birth songs Community songs Diverse songs
Religious or festival songs Season songs Sung while working Wedding songs
Ballads & Legends
Aalha (Bundel Khandi) A tale of two warriors Alha & Udal, very popular in the Bundelkhand region
Bhada (Kumaoni) A kind of ballad singing in which tales of brave warriors are narrated.
Dulla Batti (Punjabi) A tale of a young Rajput's quest for revenge.
Heer Ranjha (Punjabi) A story of great lovers, Heer and Ranjha.
Mirza Sahiba (Punjabi) The tragic ballad of the lovers, Mirza and Sahiba.
Kavishri (Punjabi) Dynamic legends of the Sikh warriors rendered without instruments
Malushahi (Kumaoni) Excerpts from a famous ballad about the king 'Malushah'.
Pooran Bhagat(Punjabi) Ballad about Pooran Bhagat who embraces spirituality.
Ramaul (Kumaoni) Ballads about kings from the Ramaul dynasty.
Sami Dhola (Punjabi) Dance of the Baazigar tribe (It is a traditional dances songs)
Sassi Punnu (Punjabi) The tragic ballad of the lovers, Sassi and Punnu.
Child birth songs
Child Birth Songs A special Child birth songs collection.
Badhai Sung at the birth of a son
Sohar Celebrating the birth of a child.
Community songs
Baul Gaan Songs of the wandering minstrels of Bengal, the famous Bauls
Biraha Songs of the Ahir community
Dhobiya Songs of the Dhobi (Washer man) community.
Kaharauva Songs of the 'Kahar' community which carries palanquins.
Mallaha Songs of the boat men
Diverse songs
Bair (Kumaoni) Celebrating the birth of a child.
Bharud Usually satirical songs, popular in Maharastra
Bhavgeet Song speaking of human emotions, popular in Maharashtra
Bidesiya A form popular in Eastern UP- the songs usually follow a theme of separation
Chhapeli (Kumaoni) A song sung during weddings, fairs & festivals to which a group of people dance.
Dadra Mostly speaking of love - they have now found a place in semi classical traditions.
Dhola (Braji) These are excerpts from the tale of love known as, 'Dhola ka Panvara' or 'Dhola-Maaru'
Geet Diverse songs.
Guru Vandana Sung in praise of the 'Guru' or teacher.
Induni (Rajasthani) Sung usually by women while they go to fetch water.
Jhoda (Kumaoni) A song to be danced to by a group during weddings, fairs & festivals.
Jhumar Mostly love songs with a lilting quality.
Jugni (Punjabi) Romantic folk songs typically sung by men.
Lachari A form that encompasses many other forms, sung only by women.
Lavani A popular form of dance and music in the Sringara Rasa
Mele Ke Geet (Rajasthani) Vibrant and festive songs sung by groups in fairs.
Natya Sangeet Songs accompanyin dances, very popular in Maharashtra
Nyoli (Kumaoni) Usually love/ separation songs- also known as forest songs.
Purabiya Many of these are on the theme of separation. They are popular in Eastern UP.
Rashtriya Geet Songs with a nationalistic flavour.
Rasiya (Braji) Sung at the time of Holi in the Braj region.
Shakunakhar Geet (Kumaoni) Songs sung on auspicious occasions.
Sufiyana Qalam Sung with the message that "a human being is in the world but not of it", writings of the Sufi saints make for the Sufiyana Qalam.
Vikas Geet Songs of progress.
Yatra Geet Sung during long journeys.
Religious/ festival songs
Ramnavami Songs celebrating the birth of Lord Sri Ram
Abhang Songs that narrate the wise words of the saints.
Bhajan Sung as prayers or descriptions of a God or Goddess
Bhawani Tributes to Bhawani, the goddess of strength.
Chhat (Bhojpuri) Songs sung on the festival of Chhat in Sep- Oct, very popular in the Bhojpuri belt.
Devi Sung in prayer to one of the many Goddesses of India, usually at the beginning of a performance.
Gajar A religious form that is usually sung by a group of people.
Ganesh Stuti An invocation to Ganesh is done at the start of any performance.
Ganga Puja Sung as a prayer to the sacred river Ganges
Jagar (Kumaoni) Sung to invoke the Gods in a human body.
Janmashtami Janmashtami, The birth of Lord Krishna.
Jogava These are sung by a group collectively.
Kabir Vani Words of the famous Kabir, perhaps the most quoted saint poet to have lived in India.
Katha Devnarayan Ki One of the many historical tales that celebrate warriors and rever them like Gods.
Meera Bhajan Meerabai, the famous devotee of Krishna, wrote many songs about Krishna.
Nirgun Songs talking of the union of the soul with the creator.
Pachra (Bhojpuri) A prayer to Sheetala Mata, the Godess of 'small pox'.
Parati Early morning songs - often sung by women on their way for a dip in the Ganges.
Sanja Mother Sanja's festival is celebrated by unmarried girls..
Singhaji Bhajan Singhji, is revered by a large number of people, especially in the Malwa belt.
Season Songs
Barahmasa A song of all seasons
Chaita Sung in the month of Chait - March -April
Chaiti Sung in the month of Chait; March - April - it is usually a slow song describing beauty.
Chaumasa Sung in the four monsoon months- these are based mostly on the theme of separation
Hori Songs celebrating the popular festival of colours, Holi
Kajri Very popular songs sung during the monsoon months
Malhar (Braji) Sung during the monsoon season - they usually speak of Radha & Krishna
Rituraina (Kumaoni) They are sung as the spring season begins.
Sung while working
Hudkiabaul (Kumaoni) Sung while working as a group in a field.
Jantsar Sung by women while they grind flour with a 'chakki'; grinding stone.
Ropni Sung usually by women while they plant rice in the fields.
Sohni Describing the sorrow of a woman - vis--vis her husband's home.
Wedding related songs
Wedding Songs A special wedding collection from ghodi to vidai.
Banna Sung during the wedding of a boy
Banni Sung during the wedding of a girl
Bidai Sung at the time of bride's departure after the wedding
Gari A taunt for the 'samadhi' or 'in-law', traditionally sung as part of a wedding.
Ghodi Sung at the time the groom climbs the horse to go to the bride's house.
Haldi Songs sung during the 'Haldi' ceremony at a wedding.
Kohbar (Bhojpuri) Songs sung when the newly married couple reaches the Kohbar, the wedding suite.
Latka-Nakta (Awadhi) Usully sung during weddings but without any clear cut or specific content.
Mamera / Bhaat Sung during the Mamera/Bhaat ceremony.
Mandap Sung while the "mandap" where the wedding takes place is created.
Mehndi Sung while the important ceremony of applying henna takes place.
Sohag Sung at the time the bride seeks the blessing of elders for a happy married life.
Tilak Sung just before the departure of the groom for the wedding, while the 'Tilak' is performed.
Tona Protecting the bride or the groom from any evil eye.
Phaag (Rajasthani) Sung during weddings in some areas of Rajasthan.
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