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Nirgun songs are deeply influenced by Kabir. These songs use different symbols from the lives of a common man to depict a formless Bramha or supreme power. This makes it accessible to all and extremely significant in folk songs. They often depict the helplessness of man in his worldly life.

Commonly found analogies are between 'sansar' or the world to 'naihar' or the bride's mother's home, Heaven to 'sasural' or the home of the husband, 'atma' or soul to the 'priyatama' or female lover and 'parmatma' or God to the lover. The songs often look at life as a bird trapped in the cage of the body which seeks its release in death or its union with the supreme lover - God.

Nirgun songs fall under the category of community songs because the 'chamar' or the shoe maker community sings a lot of them under the influence of Sant Ravidas & Sant Shivnarayan.
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Dulhin Gaavo Mangalachar 03:26 Archana Parmar $0.69/ Rs.30
Kaga Lekar Jaye 06:28 Shyam Lal Begana $0.69/ Rs.30
Mora Pia Ris Aihen 05:07 Rashmi Agarwal $0.69/ Rs.30
Ke Tohra Sang Jai
08:06 Manna Lal Yadav $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Ke Tohra Sang Jai (Video) 06:27 Manna Lal Yadav $2.99
Chali Jaave Gavanwa Mori Guiyan 06:09 Shyam Lal Begana $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Tohe Jana Hai Pi Ki Nagariya
14:11 Mohan Lal Kanskar $1.38/ Rs.60
lyrics $0.99
Tohe Jana Hai Pi Ki Nagariya (Video) 00:22 Mohan Lal Kanskar $2.99 45.6mb
Pagla Paranva 05:13 Santosh Kumar $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Gauna Kaise Jaibu 04:49 Shyam Bihari Gaur $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
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