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Ever so often when we heard some fantastic traditional music, one or the other person would say... "All of this will be lost soon" ... there should be a way to make this survive. Some way to make it easily available to more people, to let people know and appreciate its mindblowing nuancess. Finally we decided that saying this is not enough, we need to get together, put our heads, resources and energies together and do something about it ourselves. A creative work is like a tree that has to be nurtured from the time its planted to the time it grows big and bears fruit. Much work, love and care goes into its sustained growth. Beat of India has been and is like that for us. In travelling to remote parts of the country, finding the surviving artistes, understanding their music and bringing it to a wider, global audiece, it is work that really has its roots in the soil, its trunk solidly towards the horizon and its shoots reaching up for the sky. The work that Beat of India has set out to do is limitless and unending. People from diverse backgrounds have contributed and brought to this their own expertise and continue to nurture it and make it grow.

Beat of India.com
Folk Music India Pvt. Ltd.
6/5, Jangpura B
Next To Missionaries Of Charity
New Delhi-110014, India
Ph : 91-11-24374534
Fax : 91-120-2512694
e-mail : [email protected]
Beat of India began in the year 2000 with the aim of popularising the traditional music of India. Apart from the web resource, a lot of the music has been and is continuously being released under the Beat of India label. Beat of India has sought out many excellent artistes who are hidden away in this vast land unknown to urban listeners.  

Shefali Bhushan
A Film Maker, Singer and Actor by training and passion, Shefali has come a full cirle, first moving towards the world of music from acting & directing, and then back from there to that of performance & film making with the different Beat of India projects. Shefali is the constant factor of the group and leads the organization.
Prabhat Agarwal

Is a serial entrepreneur and has cofounded Parsec communications and Whowhere. Always ready to tread on uncharted territory, Prabhat brings to the dreams of Beat of India the essential elements of ground realities and business sense. Prabhat is also involved in the Not-for-profit Education Sector and is a cycling and hiking enthusiast.

N. K. Sharma
Director, Act One Art Group.
Godfather, in more ways than one... NK is like an unstoppable, continous vigorous stream of creative energy. He directs one of the most unique theatre groups of the country, Act One, and otherwise gives direction to almost every creative act of the Beat of India team.
Aiyana Gunjan
Brand Consultant and partner at Alchemist Brand Consulting
The Planner, Aiyana believes that to do things well, you need to understand them deeply, study their each nuance. Macro combined with the micro, is the vision she brings to Beat of India. Aiyana is also an artist, exploring the deeper perspectives of life through art, calligraphy and music-sitar.
Rohit Gautam
Operations Manager at Beat of India, Rohit handles all the big and small issues related to the Beat of India website, label and office. Though a bit of an introvert by nature, Rohit is at his best dealing with difficult clients!! If you like whats new on the site, you have Rohit to thank, if you don't think enough is new, you have Rohit to "Beat Up"!!
Karan Grover
A man of many talents, Karan is a business development partner for Beat of India. He has played a vital role in keeping the heart beat of Beat of India constant and blood pressure more or less normal over the last years!
Parthiv Shah
Founder-Director of Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (CMAC), Parthiv has given Beat of India its look and feel. This brand new look of our website, our publicity material, album covers... without Parthiv would not have been possible. Parthiv also freelances on different design projects and makes documentary films.
Vishwajyoti Ghosh
In his own words is "a quintessential 21st century moron, techno phobe, afternoon dreamer, beer bellied - self titled creative genius”. The ephemeral soul Vishwa...brings many kinds of creative inputs to Beat of India. The biggest and most tangible- the BOI logo : 'tabla'. Cartoons are his keenest interest- but he dabbles in all kinds of arts and dips his fingers into films, music and ads - apart from paint!
Anupama Chandra
An editor - has always been there with praise and criticism... plays a vital role in all the video editing that goes on behind the scenes. Also helps out in our new ideas.

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