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"Arara Sankharya"
Folk Singers from Malwa
From the bubbling rivers and the undulating sand dunes to the stony plateau, Malwa stretches from Punjab, Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh, encompassing the people, customs, traditions, nature and all of life and in turn giving birth to great music...more
"Koi Sunta Hai Gurugyani"
Nirgun Singers from Malwa
Kumar Gandharva, one of the greatest singers of our times has said that the Ragas of Classical music have their origins in people's tunes. The Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh is a living example of this and it inspired Kumar ji to give a new life and dimension to his music...more
"Gudti Punjab Di" 3 Volume set.
Gudti Punjab Di
"Gudti Punjab Di - Vol.1"
A golden voice
20 page booklet with complete lyrics & translations. cx
Swarn Noora is blessed with one of those rare voices that epitomize poignancy and emotion. Her mother Bibi Noora, sang mostly the Sufiyana Qalam and was famous not only in Punjab but all over India, and Swarn Noora imbibed her talent, though she considers her late husband, Sohan Lal, a Quawwal, to be her real guru or teacher...more
"Gudti Punjab Di - Vol.2"
Wah Rangiya,
Passionate Punjab
20 page booklet with complete lyrics & translations.
Love-ballads, tales of valour, playful, spirited banter... the music of Punjab never misses any elements. This album brings together songs of three artistes, Swarn Noora, Mehar Chand Mastana and Dilbahar that reflect the entire spectrum...more
"Gudti Punjab Di - Vol.3"
Bol Ni Chakkiye,
The singing wheel of life
24 page booklet with complete lyrics & translations.
Punjabi music has hit the headlines in recent times, not just in India but across the globe. This album has the music whose re-mixed versions would have been heard but not so much these, which are brilliant, vibrant and most importantly pristine. Collected from across Punjab, this album brings together a selection of music that still forms a part of the lives of Punjabi people...more
'Shepherd's songs, Chamba, India'
10 page booklet with complete lyrics & translations.
The beautiful, river dotted idyllic landscape of Chamba is melody itself. The music has the air of mountains and the feel of the open spaces in it. In the summer months shepherds go far away from their homes in search of greener pastures for their herds. All they have for company is the memory of beloved and their songs...more
'Colours of Earth' (DVD film)
1. Film with chapters
2. Six Bouns Trachs
3. Artiste Information
4. Instrument Information
5. About Beat of India.
Colours of Earth is a musical voyage to the pulsating rhythms and vibrant melodies of traditional Indian music. From the colourful deserts of Rajasthan to the barren towering mountains of Lahaul and Spiti in the Himalayas. From the banks of the Ganges to the Bengal of Tagore, from the echoes of 90 year old Jhusia Damai's forgotten ballads to... more
'Priye (dearest)' (Love Songs)
'Priye', a word to address the beloved is used in ancient Indian literature and one finds this expression explored in its various shades and flavours in the folk music of India.The collection of love songs from the Awadhi and Bhojpuri regions of North India has, besides the dynamism and playfulness of folk music, a romantic, passionate and even erotic ... more
'Songs Of Krishna'
Krishna is one of the most intriguing paradoxes of Indian mythology, which is possibly why he has found universal following among varied sets and sects of people.
The ubiquitous God, Krishna takes on several different personas, mischievous child who steals butter from the pots of village women, treacherous lover who charms all the...more
'Hori Hai' (songs of Holi)
Celebration... Celebration with colours... Coloured Water... Coloured Mud... Coloured Clothes... Coloured Cheeks... Coloured Souls The spirit of colour, that takes hearts higher than the highs of Bhaang, the drink of Lord Shiva. The mood is exuberant, the singing and dancing adds to it and the...more
'A celebration of life'
This compilation album of artistes from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttaranchal highlights the varied roles of folk music in different aspects of life. From actively political to subtly erotic, sharing troubles and narrating history, the songs show the multifaceted and important nature of folk music....more
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