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"A Celebration of Life"
Various Artistes

Released : June 2000
Total songs in album : 10
Style : Traditional
Region : Uttaranchal & Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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The Album

This compilation album of artistes from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttaranchal highlights the varied roles of folk music in different aspects of life. From actively political to subtly erotic, sharing troubles and narrating history, the songs show the multifaceted and important nature of folk music.

More songs

Song Time Artiste Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 192 kbps Lyrics
Dihe Ke Manavan 05:35 Shyam Lal Begana 5.17mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Baba Nimiya Ke 04:36 Urmila Srivastava 4.28mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Sada Bhavani 03:38 Govind Singh 3.40mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Gangoli Haat Ma 06:34 Anandi Devi & Santram 6.09mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Baajat Aave Paijaniya 02:02 Manoj Tiwari 1.94mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Jahi Din Nanad Ke 04:37 Babunandan 4.22mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Janata Party 05:21 Jawahar Lal Yadav 4.97mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
More Pichvarva Babul Ka 02:43 Ram Kailash Yadav 2.56mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Jhir Mir Bahela Bayar 03:29 Sucharita Gupta 3.22mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
Ke Tohra Sang Jai 08:05 Manna Lal Yadav 7.45mb $0.69/ Rs.30
$0.99 Coming Soon
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