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Ordering and Shipping


1. Click on the 'buy cd' or 'buy tape' button. You will be taken to a page which will ask you to choose your country.

2. Select your country and click go. If you are ordering from a country other than India, you will be charged in US Dollars and taken straight to the shopping cart. Payments can be made only by credit card. If you are ordering from India, then you will be taken to another page which has the option of Payment through credit card and VPP.

3. If you choose the 'Pay with credit card' option, you will be taken to the shopping cart interface and charged in Rupees. Your ordered products will be sent to you by courier.

4. If you choose the VPP option, you will be taken to another page which contains a form you need to fill. Put in the relavant details (name, address, tel no.) to recieve the product through Indian Postal service and pay the postman on delivery. With this option you will have to pay the postman an extra 5%, that is the standard comission.

Shipping Details

Shipping to countries outside India takes about 7-10 days, the products are sent by Registered post from New Delhi, India.

Shipping within India takes 2-3 days, Credit card orders are sent by courier and VPP orders sent through the Indian Postal Service. There are No extra shipping charges except for customers who order using the VPP option. They have to pay an extra 5% to the postman.

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