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Various Artistes

Dialect : braji
Region : Mathura

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The Songs

Braj Bhumi, the areas around Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, is the land of Lord Krishna. This is the area where the dialenct Braji is spoken and there are many characteristics of the area that reflect in the music. The festival of Holi played in this region, especially the Lathmar holi is famous for the audacious spirit of the women as they hit the men who try to throw colour on them with sticks. The recordings with the villagers of Aajnauk village, available here, have the kind of raw energy that epitomizes folk music. The other artiste featured here, Balla Ram Singh, sings the Aalha, a famous tale of warrior brothers that is sung all over Northern India and Balla Ram like many others infuses unmatched drama into the rendition. This is the true flavour of traditional Indian music... Enjoy!!

Song Time Artiste Style Price Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 128 kbps
Sans Sans Pe
06:06 $0.69/ Rs.30 5.61mb
Ke Ganga Ji Ko
11:20 $1.38/ Rs.60 10.3mb
Udraj Kehe Raha He Jab Mai Pani
09:22 $0.69/ Rs.30 8.59mb
Dilki Meri Je Kari He
06:16 $0.69/ Rs.30 5.76mb
Udraj Kehe Raha He
06:40 $0.69/ Rs.30 6.12mb
Nikal Pari Janni
10:23 $0.69/ Rs.30 9.53mb
Virta Bhagvan Piyare Ki
15:16 $1.38/ Rs.60 13.9mb
Ya Bakhat Aalha Ne Hukum Diya
05:59 $0.69/ Rs.30 5.50mb
Charon Ore Marega Play MP3
06:58 $0.69/ Rs.30 6.40mb
Hath Jodke Thari He
06:37 $0.69/ Rs.30 6.08mb
Aare Bole Aalha (Video-1)
02:57 $2.99 30.01mb
Aalha Udal (Video-2) 05:59   Aalha $1.99 12.0mb
Yaad na Janme Raaj Devt (Radha Charan) 12:49 Rasiya $1.38/ Rs.60 11.7mb
Makhan Jab Dungi (Rajbir) 02:15 Rasiya $0.69/ Rs.30 2.09mb
Hans Vahini Sabha Yukta (Durgpal Singh) 15:37 Dhola $1.38/ Rs.60 14.3mb
Raja Vo Mar Jaye (Hari Singh Pradhan) 05:25 Ragini $0.69/ Rs.30 4.98
Shri Yamuna Ji Pe (Rajbir) 05:32 Rasiya $0.69/ Rs.30 5.09mb
Aa Jaiyo Shyam (Rajbir) 01:59 Holi $0.69/ Rs.30 1.84mb
Barsane Me Aaya Shyam (Bhagvan Singh) 03:29 Holi $0.69/ Rs.30 3.22mb
Maiya Dulha Mohe Bana De (Charan Singh) 04:35 Malhar $0.69/ Rs.30 4.23mb
Mere Raja Ke Nile Nile (Ramvati) 04:22 Malhar $0.69/ Rs.30 4.02mb
Tato So Pani (Ramvati) 04:03 Hanuman Bhajan $0.69/ Rs.30 3.73mb
Savan Suno Ha Gayo Ji (Geeta) 01:48 Malhar $0.69/ Rs.30 1.68mb
Aaj Biraj Mein Hori Re (Radha Charan) (Video) 01:31 Holi $0.99 7.78mb
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