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"Gudti Punjab Di" 3 Volume set.
Various Artistes

Released : February 2005
Total songs in album : 28
Style : Traditional
Region : Punjab

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The Album

Gudti is the first taste of Gud or Jaggery given to a child after his or her birth by the child's bua or aunt.
Gudti Punjab Di is a 3 volume set that really brings the first tast of Punjab to the listener. Each of the 3 albums has a slightly different flavour but they represent the authentic and awesome sounds of Punjab.
Vol. 1, Noora, a golden voice has Swarn Noora singing the Sufiana Kalam. She has a phenomenal voice and the album has tracks where the entire group performs together in a style that is close to Qawwali.
Vol. 2, Wah Rangiya, passionate Punjab, has 3 artistes, Dilbahar and Mehar Chand Mastana apart from Swarn Noora.
Vol. 3, Bol Ni Chakkiye, the singing wheel of life brings the rustic sounds of instruments and ballads that resonate in the fields till today.

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Time Artiste Price Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 192 kbps
Bahana Tere Tak Len Da 05:40 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 7.8mb
Mera Ranjha Palle De Vich Pa De 08:54 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 12.2mb
Jee Ve Soneya Jee 07:45 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 10.6mb
Kaccha Vekh Na Leya 09:15 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 12.6mb
Tumba Vajda Na 09:27 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 13mb
Bue Khushiyan Ne Dhole Ne 08:32 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 11.7mb
O Mere Dataji 11:44 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 16.2mb
Jugni 05:16 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 7.3mb
Aaja Ve Mahiya 04:26 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 6.11mb
Wah Rangiya Tere Rang 07:32 Dilbahar $0.69/ Rs.30 10.38mb
Challa Dede Adiye 07:32 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 10.43mb
Jagga Jamya Te Milan Vadhaiyan 06:36 Dilbahar $0.69/ Rs.30 9.14mb
Mirza 10:49 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 14.89mb
Challa 07:47 Dilbahar $0.69/ Rs.30 10.76mb
Chad Meri Banh 10:15 Swarn Noora $0.69/ Rs.30 14.15mb
Jugni 06:18 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 8.67mb
Jind Mahi 03:46 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 5.24mb
Saperon Ki Dhun (Instrumental - Been) 05:04 Sohan Nath Sapera & party $0.69/ Rs.30 7.05mb
Bol Meri Chakkiye 06:50 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 9.46mb
Tumba (Instrumental) 04:49 Mundri Lal $0.69/ Rs.30 9.69mb
Pat Ditte Tape Record Ne 09:44 Harpal Singh Pala & party $0.69/ Rs.30 13.43mb
Lehra (Instrumental - Been) 01:57 Sohan Nath Sapera & party $0.69/ Rs.30 2.75mb
Mahi Fouji 03:48 Mundri Lal $0.69/ Rs.30 5.28mb
Kaccha Kada 07:14 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 10.01mb
Main Ni Tere Rehndi 05:20 Harpal Singh Pala & party $0.69/ Rs.30 7.41mb
Mirza 05:24 Mundri Lal $0.69/ Rs.30 7.46mb
Dulla Bhatti 07:28 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30 10.32mb
Vandana 07:11 Deshraj Lachkani & party $0.69/ Rs.30 10.07mb
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