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Vill- Lachkani, Parso
Patiala Road, Post- Lang
Dist- Patiala
Punjab, India
Dhad Chorus (children): Iqbal
Mohammed, Laber Khan,
Mittha Khan, Manpreet Singh
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Deshraj Lachkani is a Sufi Dhadi. Dhad is the name of the little hour-glass shaped drum that accompanies the music of all Sufi Dhadis and they sing songs that fall under the Sufi genre. Usually the lead vocalist plays the Sarangi and 2-3 accompanists follow in singing and play the Dhad. He has been singing for 40-45 years now. He was raised by his uncle Kiche Shah who also was his ustaad or teacher. Lachkani's father was a dhol player and always inspired him to take up music. He left school in the 4th grade (in 1958) to take up singing full time.The first perfomance of his life got him 8 rupees in tips, which in that time of course was a lot of money! His group consists of him and his 4 grand-sons who are learning the art from him. They are regularly invited to perform at various fairs and festivals and have also won several awards.
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Vandana 07:11 Vandana $1.38/ Rs.60 10.07mb
Jake Kudiya Ne Sanehe Dene Heer Nu
Heer Ranjha Ka Kissa $1.38/ Rs.60 12.0mb
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Pooran NaTalleyo Turpiya
Pooran Bhagat Ka Kissa $1.38/ Rs.60 12.3mb
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Tu Beke Sogaya Ve Doleya
Sami Dhola Ka Kissa $0.69/ Rs.30 5.35mb
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Baggi O Hagaya Lagaya Goda Sona
Mirza Sahiba Ka Kissa $0.69/ Rs.30 7.26mb
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