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The tale of Heer- Ranjha is the most popular romance of Punjab. It is a story about two young lovers, Heer - the daughter of a Jhang chieftain and Ranjha (who was originally known as Dheedo), the youngest son of a respected Punjabi Zamindar.

When Ranjha's parents pass away, his elder brothers conspire to cheat him out of his family inheritance. They give him a barren plot of land and keep the fertile, valuable land for themselves.

It is by chance that Ranjha meets Heer. He asks to be ferried across a river on a boat, which Heer owns and it is love at first sight!

Heer gets him a job as a cowherd tending to her family's cattle and they start meeting every day. But as time passes, Heer's parents get word of the love between their daughter and the cowherd. They are not pleased, they intervene and try to split the two. They sack Ranjha and marry Heer into a wealthy family.

But Heer and Ranjha are not to be stopped. They decide to elope. This is when Heer's parents play their dirtiest trick. They pretend to accept Ranjha into the family, and ask him to bring a marriage party from his village so that a formal wedding can be arranged. Ranjha believes them and sets off. While he is away, they kill Heer by poisoning her. When Ranjha finds about Heer's demise, his heart breaks and he too falls down dead.
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Heer Ranjha          
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Jake Kudiya Ne Sanehe Dene Heer Nu
Deshraj Lachkani $1.38/ Rs.60
Heer Aakhdi Jogiya
Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30
Ve Doli Chardeya
Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30
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