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Pooran was the son of King Salwan and Queen Ichhran of Sailkot, a kingdom in west Punjab. Gorakh Nath, the saint who had blessed the King and Queen with their son advised them to have Pooran trained intensely in spirituality for the first 12 years of his life. The king agreed.

While his son was away, King Salwan got married a second time. His second wife was a low-caste young woman of great beauty named Loona and he was happy with his pretty young wife.

When Pooran returned after 12 years, he had almost a holy aura about him. When Loona set eyes on him, she forgot that he is her husband's son. Having spent so many years with a man thrice her age, she told herself that she deserves the love of this handsome young youth standing before her. She tried very hard to seduce him but Pooran turned her down. Insulted, Loona told Salwan that Pooran made a pass at her.

Salwan was outraged. He had his son's hands and feet chopped off before executing him and had his body thrown in a well.

Soon afterwards, his body was discovered in the well by one of Gorakh Nath's disciples. Gorakh Nath restores Pooran's hands and feet and infuses him with life with his great spiritual powers. Gorakh Nath takes Pooran under his wing and makes him one of his disciples. Pooran starts begging for alms along with the other disciples.

One day Pooran passes through the lands of queen Sundaran. She falls for him the second she sees him. Sundaran goes to Gorakh Nath's camp and asks to be blessed with Pooran as a gift. The Guru agrees and asks Pooran to accompany her.

Instead of spending the night in bed with the queen, Pooran chooses to meditate. When morning comes, he heads bank to his Gurus camp.

Sundran is heart-broken. Gorakh Nath on the other hand is delighted with Pooran's will power to resist worldly temptations.

Some time later Pooran is asked to visit his hometown. King Salwan and Queen Loona come to see him. They do not know his true identity. Salwan has not had any children after ordering Pooran's execution and is hoping to be blessed with another son. When pooran asks Salwan about his son, Loona has an emotional breakdown. She is mad with grief for having an innocent boy killed for petty reasons. Pooran forgives his stepmother and his father.

This changes Loona's perspective forever. She traverses the material world and moves beyond the worldly concept of good and evil.
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