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Mirza was the son of a Kharral Jat of Danabad, a town on the banks of the river Ravi. He was sent to live with his aunt (Mother's Sister) to do his schooling.

Mirza did not do well in school, his mind never being on studies. His teacher threatered to send him back home. On seeing this, Mirza's cousin Sahiba started helping him with studies. They started spending a lot of time together, and gradually fell in love.

Mirza grew up to be a strong, muscular, handsome youth, while Sahiba blossomed into one of the greatest beauties of the community. Then Binjal, Mirza's father came to take him away and have him trained as a warrior. After Mirza left, Sahiba's father pledged her hand in marriage to a powerful Chandher family.

Mirza and Sahiba both tried to convince her father to rethink his decision, but he was adamant. His word once given could not be taken back. Even after this Mirza told Sahiba not to worry. He promised to help her run away with him.

A night before Sahiba's wedding, Mirza came to her house and they ran away. The next morning, Sahiba's brothers and the would-be groom chased after the runaway couple. They caught up with them and Mirza came under heavy attack. After fighting bravely he was killed. Seeing him die, Sahiba plunged a dagger into her chest and died on her lover's body.
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Mirza Sahiba            
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