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This story is about a Rajput Princess and how she reclaims her husband, the prince of Kot Narwar. The story starts when Raja Nala, the King of Kot Narwar, takes refuge with the chief of Poogal along with his wife and son.

During this time Rani Poogal who was previously childless, gives birth to a girl. When the princess is just 3 months old, her parents have her engaged to the prince of Narwar.

The prince and princess, nicknamed Dhola and Sami respectively are formally married soon after.

Some time after the marriage, Raja Nala is restored to his throne. Dhola goes back to Narwar and Sami being an infant, stays back with her parents. Gradually both children forget that they are married.

When Dhola turns 17, his father deicdes to marry him to a Malwa Princess named Malaani, choosing to gain a political ally rather then honouring his word.

When Sami finds out about this, she tries to get a message across to Dhola but is unsuccessful as Malwani has all her messages intercepted. She then sends her messengers disguised as musicians, and they finally manage to get through to Dhola. Dhola is deeply touched by Sami's message and goes to Poogal to be reunited with his bride.
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