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'Hori Hai' A festival of colours

"Hori Hai" A festival of colours!!
Various Artistes

Released : March 2002
Total songs in album : 10
Style : Holi Songs
Region : Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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The Album

Celebration with colours
Coloured Water
Coloured Mud
Coloured Clothes
Coloured Cheeks
Coloured Souls

The spirit of colour that takes hearts higher than the highs of Bhaang, the drink of Lord Shiva. The mood is exuberant, the singing and dancing adds to it and the fun and frolic of the day allows elements of teasing. Charara Rang Dare by Urmila Srivastava describes the festivity. Charararara raaa, he drenches me with colour, Charara rara.... My cheeks are smeared with paint, my scarf falls off my head .. This rogue has drenched me with color...
Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated in most regions of India in one form or another. It is celebrated at the time of the year when the winter crop has just been reaped. On the full moon night in the month of Phagun, the first grains of the new crop are offered to the holi pyre.

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Mora Phagun Mein Jiyra Play MP3 03:33 Lallan Singh Gahmari $0.69/ Rs.30 3.31mb
Mori Chunar Bhihal Jaye Play MP3 03:42 Sucharita Gupta $0.69/ Rs.30 3.44mb
Bolo Sararara Play MP3 03:45 Jawahar Lal Yadav $0.69/ Rs.30 3.49mb
Baajat Aave Paijaniya Play MP3 02:03 Manoj Tiwari $0.69/ Rs.30 1.92mb
Khelen Hamse Hori Play MP3 06:52 Mohan Lal Kanskar $0.69/ Rs.30 6.33mb
Charara Rang Dare Play MP3 04:46 Urmila Srivastava $0.69/ Rs.30 4.41mb
Ankhiyan Bhaili Lal Play MP3 02:46 Manoj Tiwari $0.69/ Rs.30 2.57mb
Mohe Saij Sowan Ki Aas Play MP3 06:46 Mohan Lal Kanskar $0.69/ Rs.30 6.25mb
Gori Loota Bahar Play MP3 03:36 Jawahar Lal Yadav $0.69/ Rs.30 3.34mb
Aa Jaiyo Shyam Play MP3 01:59 Rajbir $0.69/ Rs.30 1.84mb
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