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This is a tragic love story from Sind. A King and Queen, set their baby afloat in a river, tucked away safely in a wooden chest. The chest is found by a washerman and his wife who are childless. The baby has an amulet with her name "Sassi" engraved on it. They decide to raise her as their own child.

Sassi grows into one the greatest beauties of the kingdom. Hearing about her, the king comes to take a look at her as his own wife has not given birth to another child. He thinks initially about marrying her, but then he recognizes the amulet on her neck, and realizes she is his own daughter. He is overjoyed to be re-united with her.

One day Sassi goes over to a trader's pleasure resort and comes across a portrait of a prince from a distant land called Keechan. The prince's name was Punnu. Sassi falls in love with him instantly.

She tries to send messages to Punnu but there is never any reply. Finally in desperation she has 3 of Punnu's brothers who are passing through her kingdom, arrested. She refuses to release them until Punnu comes and meets her personally. Punnu obliges and once he meets her he is madly in love. He stays and marries Sassi.

A few days after this happens, Punnu's brothers manage to drug him into sleep and spirit him across the desert. Sassi tries to follow them on foot. She gets lost in the desert and finally dies of thirst.

A cowherd finds her body and buries her. Soon afterwards he sees a rider on a camel heading towards him. The rider is Punnu. Once he hears about the body the cowherd has buried, he digs up the grave. On seeing the body of his wife, he takes his own life to be united with her forever in another world.
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