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The Kahar caste consists of those who carry palanquins and draw water from the wells. Their songs are called 'Kaharauva'.

The songs they sing while carrying the palanquin are called 'chitka kaharva' and a series of these is called the 'Bada Kaharva' which is sung during weddings and other functions.
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Satguru Se Lelete Giyanava
05:36 Ram Kailash Yadav $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Satguru Se Lelete Giyanava (Video) 02:54 Ram Kailash Yadav $1.99 14.3mb
Kaun Rang 04:45 Jawahar Lal Yadav $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Patna Shahariya Me 03:46 Ganna Maharaj $0.69/ Rs.30
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