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Folk music played a very important role in the freedom struggle of India. It was a movement of the masses and they used their own devices to keep the flag of enthusiasm flying high.

Many songs were composed aimed at inspiring people from all strata of the rural and urban society.

There is evidence in the songs to show that it really was a movement of all people - irrespective of religion or caste.
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Rashtriya Geet              
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Mangvai De Odhaniya Khadi 04:20 Babunandan Dhobi $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Ekta Ki Dor 05:49 Shyam Bihari Gaur $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
Yo Desh 01:17 Yusuf $0.69/ Rs.30
lyrics $0.99
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