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The Sanskrit word 'Bhat' means warrior. These are tales of brave warriors.

In their rendition, there is a main singer who plays the bigger Hudka - he has a specific costume with a turban, blouse, churidar pajama and ghungroos in his feet. Then there is a accompanist who plays a smaller Hudka. And there are accompanying women too. This can be considered a form of folk - theatre as well as ballad singing. The main singers performance has elements of song and theatrics.

These were performed mainly on the occasion of the birth of a son, a wedding or in fairs but they are getting rare and commercialized now.
It is said that in olden times - these performers sometimes accompanied warriors to war - to enthuse them.

This form is popular in the areas of Kumaon bordering Nepal too and the language used is often Nepali. Some singers weave in some of the other Kumaoni forms such as Nyoli and Chapeli in its rendition.

Most of the renditions have graphic descriptions of war but since many wars were fought over a beautiful woman - they are replete with descriptions of beauty and romantic contexts. Bhadas are an interesting mix of History and people's imagination.
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