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Today when one hears the word Jugni , a picture of young boys singing and making merry at a fair comes instantly to mind. At a mela (fair) in Punjab, one would rarely see the Jugni not being performed. This is a very vibrant, fun filled form of performing, sung mostly by male artists.

In most of the performances these days, Jugni is portrayed as a beautiful, wandering woman, traveling from one city to the next. In these versions of the Jugni , vulgar romantic lyrics are often used.

In older interpretations, Jugni was a devotee of Ali Sahib. The Jugni form only came into being when people started to sing about her. It originated in Pakistan. However this interpretation is rarely heard today. The wandering female concept has become much more popular and is performed by most singers.
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Pahala Kana Lidaliye 07:07 Mundri Lal $0.69/ Rs.30
Jugni 06:18 Mehar Chand Mastana $0.69/ Rs.30
Alla Bismila Meri Jugni   Act One Group     Coming Soon    
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