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Not just a kind of music, Baul is a religious sect of Bengal. Its followers are also travelling musicians who wander around the countryside singing what is called the Baul Gaan. Baul Gaan has the distinction of being one of the most popular and well known forms of Indian folk music the world over.

One of the reasons for this may be the spiritual content of the songs and another the visually attractive dance that accompanies the singing.

The appearance of the Bauls is distinctive with dhotis, saffron robes and a saffron turban. They also wear beads made of tulsi (basil) stems.

Texts of the Baul songs are spiritual, they speak in metaphors of the human body and its separation from the cosmic universe.

The special instrument played with the Baul Gaan is the Krishna Lahiri or Khamak... a single stringed instrument. It is also accompanied by the tabla, harmonium and manjeera.
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Baul Gaan          
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Muner Sade Pujboo 05:16 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Matir Modal Rediyota 05:13 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Matir Modal Rediyota (Video) 03:13 Baul Gaan $1.99
Prem Korte Ek Din Charte Do Din 03:52 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Sotto Poute Kaiu Noyi Raji 03:43 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Sab Loke Koye Lalon Ki Jaat 04:55 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Aat Kutudi Nouy Doraza 03:50 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Tor Ghore Chor Sandaye 05:01 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Morod Aamae Darod Diye Bhalo Bashe Na 04:01 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
Piriti Katal Le Aata 05:29 Joyguru Baul Sampradaya $0.69/ Rs.30
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