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This is the story of a young Rajput warrior who tries to take on the Moghul Governor of Lahore in his quest for revenge. Dulla Batti's father, the chieftain of Sandal Bar, and his grandfather are executed by the Governor and Lahore for non payment of taxes. Dulla Batti is born shortly after this event. On the same day, a son is born to the Governor whose astrologers advise him not to let the child feed on his mother's milk, but to leave him in the care of a woman who has given birth on the same day. The Governor then asks Dulla Batti's mother, Ladhi to look after his son. She agrees and the two children are raised as brothers.
When Dulla Batti learns the truth about his father's demise, he decides to start a revolt against the Governor. He gathers men to his cause, and starts looting and plundering.
The Governor sends his son; Dulla Batti's foster brother to stop the revolt and Dulla Batti is defeated after putting up a brave fight.
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