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Child Birth
Various Artistes

Dialect : Sohar, Badhai
Region : Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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The Songs

After weddings, the maximum fuss (excuse the use of the word) is made at the birth of a child in every good Indian home. Songs and ceremonies abound... first day, 6th day, hair-shaving day, this day, that day...
The Sohar and Badhai songs listed below are sung on all of these days, to congratulate the mother and father. Most songs sing of the birth of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna because, the birth of a child is like a visit of God in the home and family. Wishes are made for the good and long life of the child through these songs. .

Time Artiste Style Price Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 128 kbps
Ganga Maiya Ki Oonchi 02:21 Manoj Tiwari 'Mridul' Sohar $0.69/ Rs.30 2.17mb
Mili Juli Gaave 02:13 Manoj Tiwari 'Mridul' Sohar $0.69/ Rs.30 2.06mb
Nand Ke Janme 03:38 Urmila Srivastava Sohar $0.69/ Rs.30 3.58mb
Bajela Bajela Bajela 03:18 Urmila Srivastava Badhai $0.69/ Rs.30 3.34mb
Jasoda Ke Bhae Nandlala 02:48 Rashmi Agarwal Badhai $0.69/ Rs.30 2.57mb
Bahuji Ke Petwa Mein Peera 06:24 Mohan Lal Kanskar Sohar $0.69/ Rs.30 5.89mb
Janme Gokul Mein 04:02 Santosh Kumar Sohar $0.69/ Rs.30 3.69mb
Krishna Janam Jab Bhayo 03:59 Asha Jain Badhai $0.69/ Rs.30 3.66mb
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