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Vill & Po - Ghunsi
District- Shajapur
Madhya Pradesh,
Ph: 91-7363-280009(PP), 231136(PP)
Voice: Gopal Singh Dhanwal, Godhan Singh Atadiya, Hukam Singh Saurashtriya
Dholak: Ramchandra Saurashtriya
Harmonium: Ramprasad Atadiya
Timki(Bongo): Dharmender
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Since he was a young boy, Ramprasad has been very interested in music, especially the Bhajans of the mystic poets that are sung in every village of the area. Although he sells vegetables to earn a living, Ramprasad does not hesitate to let a whole day's vegetable go waste if a music program comes his way. He has his own group or mandali in his village, and they are regularly invited to perform in neighbouring areas as well.
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His Songs
Time Style Price Complete songs (mp3) 128 kbps Lyrics
Guru Mohe De Gaya 06:14 Guru Vandana $0.69/ Rs.30
Aag Lagi Ghani Bhari 07:04 Bhajan (Ulatvasi) $0.69/ Rs.30
Chanda Ka Pehla 08:52 Bhajan (Ulatvasi) $0.69/ Rs.30
Ram Nam Tam Leejo 09:19 Bhajan (Nam Mahima) $0.69/ Rs.30
Mat Le Re Jeevda 11:18 Bhajan (Chetavani) $1.38/ Rs.60
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