Pachra Manoj Tiwari 'Mridul'

Nibiya Ke Dari Maiya Mori Preview
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Original Lyrics

fufc;k ds Mkjh eS;k Mkysyh >qyqok gks fd >wyh js >wyh uk
eS;k eksjh xkosyh xhrh;k gks fd >wyh js >wyh uk

>wyr >wyr eS;k ds yxyh fi;l;k gks fd pyh  Hkbyh uk
English Translation
The Goddess mother is swinging on the branches of the Neem tree
And she is singing

While swinging, mother feels thirsty
And goes to the Malin's house for water

Malin - Flower girl

A tribute to Goddess mother, Sheetala, the song describes her blessing the Maliniya or flower girl.
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