Pachra Manoj Tiwari 'Mridul'

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Original Lyrics

vjs dkSus Qqys vklu js eS;k
dkSus Qqyok Mklu
dkSus Qqy gkSos eS;k gks
vHkju flaxkj ---

fd csyk Qqys vklu js ekfyu
pEik Qqyok Mklu
Qqy m<+myos gksos gks vHkju flaxkj
English Translation
Which flower is your seat mother
Which flower your bed
Which flower adorns you, Mother

The Bela flower is my seat, Malin
Champa flower my bed
I wear all flowers to dress myself

Bela, Champa- fragrant flowers
Malin- Flower girl
Uma, Durga, Chandi- Different forms of the Goddess.

A tribute to the Goddess, it is a dialogue between the flower girl and the Goddess mother. They share a very special relationship which is described in many songs.
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