Jagar Harda 'Surdas'

Ganganatha Ji Preview
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Hindi Translation

xaxkukFk th jke dk jkek;.k nqaxk
ikaMoks dk ouokl HkkbZ rqEgsa lqukÅaxk
rqedks lqukÅaxk lquks esjs HkkbZ
ml le; esa xaxkukFkk us fu/kZu dks /ku fn;k gS] ck¡> dks vkSykn nh
vks HkkbZ & nks rbZ rkj Hkksys dh gkj
x< rsjks xMkjk] mM+rk fulkM+ tSlk gS xaxkukFk
rsjks njckj gks] fulk.k ykmaxk rsjs njckj
vc js] >qxj dh ?kk.kk dgka oSlk eqYd jgk dgka oSlh igpku
vks eSa rsjks Hkkjr dk xaxkukFk HkkbZ eq>s igpku
(these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at [email protected] )

A part of the Jagar - sung to invoke the Gods in a human body, this section is a prayer to the Lord Gangnath. Known as the 'Ganganath ka Jagar' - it is one of the most commonly sung Jagars in the area and often its singing goes on for many nights at a stretch.
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