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Village: Harnavada Jagir
P.O Chipa Badot
District : Bara, Rajasthan
Main Goth Singer : Rambharose Gujar
Voices : Ramnarayan Patel,
Rambharose, Madan Lal,
Raghunath, Ramdayal,
Prabhu Lal, Ghanshyam,
Chote Lal, Mohan
Dhak : Badri Lal
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This is a group of singers who get together to sing religious and historical ballads in the village. Usually the session is held at night and goes on the whole night with the entire village collecting at the sacred spot to listen.
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Their Songs
Time Style Price Complete songs (mp3) 128 kbps Lyrics
Karu Re Tasan 03:44 Aarti $0.69/ Rs.30 3.44mb
Bole Re 11:48 Katha $1.38/ Rs.60 10.8mb
Chunar Udai Maay 11:05 Katha $1.38/ Rs.60 10.1mb
Bhawani Chali Ja 01:45 Katha $0.69/ Rs.30 1.63mb
Bhawani Re Bhawani Re 09:31 Katha $0.69/ Rs.30 8.74mb
Saddo Sun Mhara 08:28 Katha $0.69/ Rs.30 7.28mb
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