Khadi Biraha Manna Lal Yadav

Ram Bhaile Jogiya Preview
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Original Lyrics

vjs jke Hkbys tksfx;k y[ku cSjfx;k
pkjksa HkS;k gks xbysa Qdhj
xM+ok es uk yxysa rqylh deyok tou ?kqeh ?kqeh eksjs ehrok
vc ekaxys vtksf/k;k esa Hkh[k

rc dgsa dtjh ds fnu esa dtj mBk, yky gs HkS;k ys xbZ uufn;k tks \\
English Translation

Ram became a Sadhu, Lakshman took Bairag
All four brothers became fakirs
A lotus can not flower in a empty pit
The brothers are wandering in Ayodhya collecting alms

On the day of the Kajri festival - My nanad stole the plant which I had grown for it
O Ganga Mayya I will offer you a Piari
Please let the nanadi go for her gauna ??

Sadhu- Saint
Bairag- Giving up all worldly concerns
Nanad- Husband's sister
Gauna- Departure for the husband's home.


The meaning of this song is not clear .... suggestions would be welcome..
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