Hudkiyabol Govind Singh

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Hindi Translation

gkiqM+k] ckt cw # #
ckt dh gok gS dkVks lw # # #
vkt dkVksxs]  ds cq # # #
gkiqM+k] ckt c q# # #
ckt dh gok gS dkVks] lq # # #

ckt cw: : : & /kku ds ikS?ks
lw : : :- & gok dk pyuk
 (these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at [email protected] )

'Hudkiyabaul' is a song sung while working for singing it reduces tiredness. In this song, the singer prays to the God of the earth, then describes the legendary sowing of seeds by the twenty two Bafaul brothers, who are worshiped as god in the Kumaon, Garhwal region.
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