Ramual Harda 'Surdas'

Bala Shri Natha Preview
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Hindi Translation

ckykJhukFkk iSnk gks x;ss gSa ckykJhukFk dk ukedj.k gks x;k ukjk;.kk
ckbl fnu esa mudk ckblok gks x;k
N% ekl esa oks oHkwr Qsadus yxs
lquks esjs nsoks N% ekl esa mudh vUu gks xbZ gS
(these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at [email protected] )

Ramaul is a famous ballad about the Ramaul brothers Sidhwa and Bidhwa. This excerpt is a celebration of the birth of the boy Bala Shri Nath in their house and how their sister-in-law Rajuli comes to meet them. They have been sleeping for twelve years and don't wake up. Angry, she curses them and leaves.
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