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4th D WOMAN - June 2005
The Indian Express (The Sunday EXPRESS)
- Sunday, March 27, 2005
Noora Beat of India
Next time you're at a record store, seek out the folk section for Swarn Noora-Punjab's latest offering.

The minstrel retells some of the greatest love stories of the region-Heer-Ranjha and Sohni-Mahiwal-but the pain is sweeter. Hers isn't a heard-before guttural voice, and it doesn't contain the rawness associated with most folk singers. Noora, who trained under her mother, the late Bibi Noora, a Punjabi sufi singer and late husband Sohan Lal, sings in a rich, low timbre. Mere Ranjha Palle Vich Pa De and Jee Ve Soneya Jee are two of the best picks from the eight-track album...

Business Standard (New Delhi Weekend) - March 26/27, 2005

The Eternal Solutions - March 2005

Perfect PITCH
By Raveena Aulakh
Chandigarh, March 8
DELHI evenings, in Spring, can be incredible: up there, an unblemished skyline leisurely assuming different hues, and down there, episodic bursts of feral flora - it had all the elements for an ideal evening. Nature's bounty, however, is completely lost on Swarn Noora. Take her back to February 13, 2005, at Delhi's India Habitat Centre where a performance preceded the release of her first mainstream 12-track CD, Noora, and she only recalls the stunned silence long after her baritone had ceased to be the only sound heard in the sprawling gardens...more

The Pioneer (Viva City) - March 1, 2005

India Today - February 28, 2005

The Times of India (Delhi Times) - February 19, 2005

Tehelka - February 19, 2005

The Hindu (Friday Reciew) - February 18, 2005

The Hindu (Friday Reciew) - February 12, 2005
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