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'Noora' A golden voice

Gudti Punjab Di. Vol. 1
"Noora" A golden voice

Swarn Noora

Released : February 2005
Total songs in album : 08
Style : Sufiyana Qalam
Region : Punjab

$12.99/ Rs.199

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The Album

Noora (her full name is Swarn Noora) is a new sensation. We launched her first mainstream album, NOORA, a golden voice at a large, concert held at IHC Delhi. There was an amazing response from the audience, they simply loved it. The concert . Every major publication has written about it . Read the reviews . You can listen to short previews of the songs from below. One complete song is available as a free download. Get it now. Get individual tracks as single downloads from below or just
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More songs

Song Time Artiste Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 192 kbps Lyrics
Bahana Tere Tak Len Da 05:40 Swarn Noora 7.8mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Mera Ranjha Palle De Vich Pa De 08:54 Swarn Noora 12.2mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Jee Ve Soneya Jee 07:45 Swarn Noora 10.6mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Kaccha Vekh Na Leya 09:15 Swarn Noora 12.6mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Tumba Vajda Na 09:27 Swarn Noora 13mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Bue Khushiyan Ne Dhole Ne 08:32 Swarn Noora 11.7mb $1.38/ Rs.60
O Mere Dataji 11:44 Swarn Noora 16.2mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Jugni 05:16 Swarn Noora 7.3mb $0.69/ Rs.30
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