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Various Artistes

Dialect : Punjabi
Region : Jalandar, Patiala, Amritsar, Ludhiana,

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The Songs

Punjabi Music has hit the headlines in recent times, but the music behind the headlines, the real meat of the story, so to speak, is that which is born in the fields of Punjab.
Ballads of warriors like Jagga, countless stories of eternal love like Heer-Ranjha, Sohni-Mahiwal, Sassi-Punnu, Sahiba-Mirza, traditional songs like the challa, sounds of the instruments, the tumba, been, sarangi... the list goes on.
This music has all the dynamism, drama and verve that gives Punjabi music the status it has achieved today.
These recordings have been made all over Punjab, next to wells, under trees, in fields and in people's homes, in the attempt to capture their true flavour.
We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we, the Beat of India team enjoyed making them available to you.

Song Time Artiste Style Size in mb Complete songs (mp3) 192/128 kbps Lyrics
Pehli Vandana Meri Play MP3
Guru Nanak Vandana 6.21mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Pooran Polyo Turpeya Play MP3
Pooran Bhagat Ka Kissa 5.51mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Shagun Kola Dee Dekh Ja Play MP3
Kaula 5.65mb $0.69/ Rs.30
O Amba To Tota Udgaya Play MP3
Mirza Sahiba Ka Kissa 6.30mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Raat Aaj Di Katade Meri Play MP3
Doli 5.24mb $0.69/ Rs.30
O Tara Ne Kukka Marya Play MP3
Tararani Harishchandra 8.72mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Othe Aanda Taa Play MP3
Sassi Punnu Ka Kissa 8.27mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Apne Kunbe Da Lahu Play MP3
Shah Dahoud Ka Kissa 4.71mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Keinda Chithi O Dekhi Play MP3
  9.08mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Manja Balma Play MP3
Comedy 4.57mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Pat Ditte Tape Record Ne Play MP3 09:44 Comedy 13.4mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Main Ni Tere Rehndi Play MP3 05:20 Spiritual 7.41mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Vandana Play MP3 07:11 Vandana 10.07mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Jake Kudiya Ne Sanehe Dene Heer Nu Play MP3
Heer Ranjha Ka Kissa 12.0mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Pooran NaTalleyo Turpiya Play MP3
Pooran Bhagat Ka Kissa 12.3mb $1.38/ Rs.60
Tu Beke Sogaya Ve Doleya Play MP3
Sami Dhola Ka Kissa 5.35mb $0.69/ Rs.30
Baggi O Hagaya Lagaya Goda Sona Play MP3
Mirza Sahiba Ka Kissa 7.26mb $0.69/ Rs.30
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